About Us

Bob and Kate JosylnAs life-long residents of the State of Maine, Kate and I share your love and appreciation of our Vacationland State.

As seasonal property owners ourselves, we understand that the changing seasons in Maine require us to monitor our properties to ensure that our investments are safe and secure. At Seasonal Solutions, we have the staffing, knowledge, and equipment needed to monitor your property in Southern Maine throughout the entire year. Furthermore, we have the technological resources needed to provide you with digital pictures of your property. Pictures will be posted on this web site with password protection for private viewing by property owners.

Over the years, we have developed a strong base of contacts in the construction and property management fields. Should the need arise, we can put you in touch with local professionals ready to provide you with needed repairs or maintenance services.

Contact us today to discuss your specific property needs. We are confident that, together, we can develop a comprehensive plan designed to help you protect your investment in your absence. At Seasonal Solutions, we share your concern.

Bob and Kate Joslyn